Thursday, 16 February 2012

Solar Panels Manufacturing Process

Solar Panels Manufacturing Process

Step by step Solar Panel Production -

1) Solar cells which are important to manufacturer high quality panels. The type of cells used will depend on the type of panel we intend to manufacture

2) Cells are inspected for cracks and other defects and their power outputs tested. The power output of each cell will determine how many we used in the production of our panels. The Power should increase with each new cell connected

3) Then first thing is to solder two pieces of tin coated tabbing wire to the front of each cell.

4) The front of each cell first and stacked on each other. These cells are known as tabbed cells. The length of the tabbing wire should be twice the length of each cell.

5) Overhanging wire is soldered

6) Them cells welded and connected together in a single row. They are connected to other cells to make a complete panel.

7) Rows are welded together in series using a thicker tabbing wire known as the bus line. Also ensures that the intervals between cells, and cell-levels are the same

8) Lamination is required to protect the solar panels. Laminated panels will extend the life span of the panel as it prevents dust and moisture

9) Laminated panel is then framed with the aluminium panel.

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